Anti-cancer dietary recommendations


Would you cancer can have large root relationship with the daily diet. As usual attention to eating new King
Fresh food, reasonable diet, and pay attention to the word of cooking methods, it can greatly reduce the incidence of cancer
(1) Do not buy cheaper Andean group or rotten vegetables and fruits.

(2) pickles, a meat and other foods contain carcinogens nitrite, should eat as well.
(3) to make rice, porridge put meters before washing clean to reduce mildew damage to the body.
(4) moldy rice, flour, peanuts and other foods contain carcinogenic aflatoxin cable, once made concept should be abandoned
The eat.
(5) smoked fish, meat, sausage and other foods containing carcinogenic tar cigarettes, should not eat or eat less
As well.
(Often fried food fried kitchen will increase pollution Division, makes easy to get lung cancer.
(Xi vat of water in the secondary should be updated every 2-3 days, do not always retained root, because deposit account in
Bottom sediments in the street can fine water reduction of nitrate to nitrite political cancer was salt.
(8) Eat more foods rich in fiber cable, such as celery, leeks, fresh dates, sweet potato and so on.
(9) Do not eat meat too much. Because meat contains fat umbilical highest, you can eat more fish, shrimp to meet the body
The demand for protein.
(10) Do not put too much cooking oil.


Food effect immunity

Nothing will be as powerful as the immune system affects your body, it can be you
 From a variety of diseases, infections caused by minor to more severe localized cancer salvaged. Your genes
 Composition can indeed affect immune function, and the environment due to cable and vice versa, the more important is your drink
 Eat a. Only recently, scientists have begun to study and initially kei opened immune system complex and
 Interesting veil, found to have a certain dependence on food. It has become increasingly clear understanding
 The food can control the body’s immune system. New research shows that contain vitamin Beijing, minerals
 And other specific food compounds can be widely stimulate immune function, enhance bacterial, viral infection
 Resistance, improve their ability to inhibit tumor cell growth.20150808221138

“Sweetest” Anxiety Therapy

This natural method sweets to calm the brain, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, although some odd dragon
T but this therapy has been used for centuries. Our ancestors would recommend eating before going to bed should peak when
Promote sleep. Ancient into the clouds; drinking sweet tea in tense. But theory sweets can calm the brain and large
Viewers read odds. Casually with anyone, I will say that sugar is a quick energy provider, will enable people Xing
Fen excited, full of vitality. But recent studies show that the brain biology, including test
All carbohydrates for most normal people have the opposite effect, which is typical

Relax the body and promote sleep. A series of experiments showed that an inhibitor of saccharide anxiety, rather than lead
Hair accelerators.


More classic American psychology professor at Chicago Medical School Bonnie Springs on a group of healthy
Test men and women: eat carbohydrate-rich syrup or eat rich strong white turkey
Shoulder meat, two hours after a standard test subjects, and its sensitivity to detect good or bad. And food
Turkey‘s compared to women eating sugary syrup easily lethargy, and eat sherbet men become relaxed.
Professor Spring said that certain individuals, including women and people over 40 years, sedation is more sensitive to sugar
Feeling. For others, the consumption of sugar will become exhausted, and induce the so-called “sugar depression.”


Experts believe that sugar can act as sedatives on the brain due to its several complex biochemical reactions, compare
Accepted theory is: sugar can produce more tryptophan, and into the brain, transformed into a 5- by color
Amines, causing sedation