Food practical health Garlic and honey with g

Garlic Xin Wen small drug, sexual heat, which contains capsaicin and onions are similar, opposite its nature and honey, the ancient Wu Qian in the “Golden Mirror of Medicine” said:. “We are not altogether honey garlic onion food if food is Under Lee. “So in order to food practical health garlic and honey should not be a total eclipse.
Fire garlic and green onions with g
With food would be Shang Wei.
Garlic and ground yellow with g
With food affect the absorption of nutrients.
Garlic and Polygonum phase g
At the same time it can cause diarrhea.
Carrots and white radish with g
The fry carrots and white Luo Buqie Chengding, bar. This food is not scientific. Because of the high content of vitamin C in white radish, very beneficial to human health, but and carrots mixed cooking, it will make vitamin C lost. The reason is that carrots and vegetables contain vitamin C used in conjunction with this will act as spoilers.
When the carrots and contain high vitamin C content of vegetables along with the deployment of food, add some vinegar, the damaging effects of ascorbic acid will rapidly weaken, so the loss of vitamin C is reduced to a minimum.
Carrot and orange phase g
Most people know that goiter – large neck disease caused due to iodine deficiency, while the carrot and orange simultaneously also induced goiter is poorly understood.
Scientists found that a large number of clinical trials, radish and other cruciferous vegetable intake to the human body, can quickly produce kinds of substances called thiocyanate, and soon the metabolism of another anti-thyroid substances – thiocyanate, proportional to the number and kind of vegetable intake of the substance produced.

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