Collocation snail and other dishes


[ingredients] snail protein (10.7%), fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Vitamin D, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.
[sexual] sweet and salty, cold, non-toxic.
[to be] able to enter the kidney, bladder, intestine, stomach four.
[effect] has the function of clearing heat and water. Indications of dysuria, jaundice genah. Beriberi, edema, diabetes. Hemorrhoids, hematochezia, swollen, furuncle disease.
Snail — Chinese wolfberry, Chinese Cabbage
Snail and wolfberry, Chinese cabbage collocation, nourishing liver and kidney, clearing heat and detoxification. Can be used for acute jaundice hepatitis patients with kidney disease.
So, to eat together with snail wolfberry, Chinese cabbage.
Snail — Wine
Snail and wine pairing, dehumidifying detoxification, heat diuresis effect, haemorrhoid, prolapse of the anus, uterine prolapse, gastric acid too much disease have certain curative effect.
So, the snail to eat together with Wine.

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