Healthy eating tips 100

Healthy eating tips 100


1, black eye to methods: cotton pack up the old tea tea compress on the eye, and then lie down and rest. 10-15 minutes later, washed with water, apply eye cream.


2, can only eat four eggs a week, eating too much is bad for your health.


3, chicken ass contain carcinogens, do not eat well.


4, with an eye to a period of time to rest, wink-eye.


5, the best time to sleep is at 10 o’clock in the evening6 o’clock in the morning.


6, do not drink soy milk and eggs and sugar, don’t drink too much.


7, on an empty stomach, do not eat tomatoes, the best meal to eat.


8, wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water, prevention of stones.


9, do not eat anything for three hours before going to bed, and fat.


10, drink less milk, because of the high calorie, high oil, no nutritional value to speakof. Drinking and suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.


11, freshbaked bread should not be eaten right away.


12, far away from the charger, the body should stay away from the more than 30 centimeters, not next to his bed.


13, ten glasses of water a day, bladder cancer will not come.


14, plenty of water during the day and evening drink less.


15, rubbing the ears, stimulus ear acupuncture points, your brain more flexible.


16, don’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day, drinking too much can cause insomnia, stomach pains.


17, eat less fatty food because they had spent 5-7 hours to digest, and blood concentration in the brain to the stomach, drowsiness.


18, after five o’clock in the afternoon, the meal eat less, because the body does notneed so much energy in five points.


19, 10 species will eat happy foods: deep sea fish, bananas, grapefruit, whole wheatbread, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, low fat milk, chicken, cherry.


20, lack of sleep can make you stupid, one day shall be eight hourssleep, siesta habit is not old.


21, female menstruation, do not drink green tea and tea don’t drink anyway. Can eat the blood thing.


22, drink no more than one cup a day, because alcohol can inhibit the production ofantibodies by b cells, increasing the chances of bacterial infections.


23, taking the capsules should be swallowed with cold water (first), 30 minutes before sleep medication, avoid lying down immediately.


24, cranberry prevents aging youth; the liver was packing up should be eating more.


25, hair loss factors: staying up late, stress, alcohol and tobacco, sweet chicken, spicy hot pot, fat food, seasoned heavy dishes.


26, to help hair growth: eat more cabbage, eggs, legumes; eat sweets (especially fructose).


27, a glass of lemon juice, orange juice, not only can whitening can fade nigromaculata.


28, Apple is the locomotive, junkies, housewives standing medicine, day one, in order to give yourself a clean lungs.


29, smoke and eat b vitamins, it causes cancer, quit smoking as soon as possible, is the most healthy way.


30, women should not drink tea of five phases: menstruation, pregnancy and beforelabor, production after the menopause.


31, smoking, lung cancer is the biggest, lip cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer,esophageal cancer, also associated with bladder cancer.


32, alcohol consumption can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer is raised.


33, chewing betel nuts can lead to oral fibrosis and oral cancer.


34, food too fine, lack of fiber contains a lot of fat, especially cholesterol can lead togastric cancer.


35, the food is too rough, nutritional deficiencies cause esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.


36, Huang Qu toxins in food, class is nitrite is carcinogenic.


37, does not smoke, refuse second-hand smoke.


38, moderate drinking, not drinking, not drunk.


39, eating less saltcured, smoked, BBQ food.


40, daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.


41, daily intake of foods rich in highfiber grains and beans.


42, eating a balanced diet, however.


43, dry skin and eat carrots.


44, bitter melon should not be too much food, eating a lot of bitter melon for a long time, will lead to calcium deficiency.


45, to maintain the correct eating habits: eat like a King, lunch like a civilian, and dinner like a pauper.


46, dry throat throat hoarse when drinking salt water, serving honey PEAR, Orangedrink sugar tea.


47, when sore throat, gargling a spoonful of soy sauce, rinse 1 minutes spit, 3-4 times in a row, effect.


48, touching door handles or the tap by hand before touching the wall, static electricity in the body can be placed out.


49, to do more thinking, is training the brain to cure.


50, if it is to have clean, bright, healthy teeth, other than diligent about brushing your teeth, may wish to use the features of both the sterilization of mouthwash.


51, keeping the heart of the best State, in addition to regular exercise, you also need to eat less fatty food, and give up smoking.

52, 10 minutes of exercise every day, you can burn a 75 to 100 calories of heat.


53, buying painkillers must be careful, as the doctor said, in strict accordance with the recommended dose.


54, because there is no efficient cold medicine, so put on more clothes is the best way to prevent colds.


55, studies have shown that wholegrain flour food, aid digestion, and is low in fat and high fiber content.


56, people should bathe in the Sun, vitamin d supplement, this conducive to good bone health.


57, the best 3 hours apart after dinner and then went to bed to sleep, of course, to eat more fruits and vegetables, lots of water.


58, evening exercise, causing increased heart rate and blood pressure was lower forgood health.


Rule 59, watermelon juice drink hot. Watermelon with clearing heat and heat can speed up the alcohol from the discharge in the urine.


60, grapefruit to eliminate alcohol. Found that grapefruit meat dipped in sugar to eat, for elimination is of great help in the mouth after drinking alcohol.


61, riding a bike at a moderate speed, very helpful for improving heart and lung function, the weight loss effects.


62, often almond helps relieve sore shoulders, also has a good effect on prevention and treatment of cardiovascular system diseases.


63, mobile phones connected instantly larger electromagnetic waves, how to mobile phone answering one seconds after the Bell is better.


64, floss your teeth can not only reduce the chance of tooth decay, you can also protect your heart.


65, honey contains a most fruits do not contain fructose, which can promote the alcohol decomposition and absorption.


66, tomato juice is rich in fructose, absorbed another effective is to help promote alcohol drinks.


67, fresh grapes can cure nausea, nausea after drinking.


68, egg protein, protein content, and other nutrients in the yolk contains much more than that.


69, frying eggs when the fire, otherwise it will lose a lot of nutrients. The best medium.


70, a snow PEAR with skin cut up after adding water and sugar simmer cool eats, can cure a cough mute, throat dry.


71, a snow pear core, mount chuanbei powder 3 grams, steam cooked PEAR drink soup, there are all kinds of cough effect.


72, eat fungus Auricularia Auricula and mushroom has anticancer activities of goodand clean and detoxify the blood, regular consumption can effectively remove dirt from the body.


73, the best time to gently stretch out the neck a day, keep your Chin down, againstthe chest, ears below the shoulders, this can help you prevent or relieve a headache.


74, drink fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice (not cooked), fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juices are the cleaner to remove toxins and wastes accumulate in the body.


75, boiled eggs should be eating less, because acidcontaining substances in tea, combined with the iron in the egg, stomach irritation, affect the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.


76, boiled egg: have a good time, with 810 minutes. If you cook too, protein does not release, easy to digest. If cooked too old, protein structures from easy becomes closer, the same is not easy to be absorbed by the digestive tract.


77, ginger spice can make heat from the inside of the body, strengthens the immune function. Whether it be Candied Ginger or ginger all have detoxicating, refreshingand eliminating tiring role.


78, who often feel tired most of the iron in the blood. Not only iron-rich vegetableslike carrots and beets, and easily absorbed by the body.


79, 200 grams of mushrooms on the body effect equal to bask in the Sun for two days. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin d, and regular consumption of mushrooms, you can play a role in eliminating fatigue.


80, piece of celery juice can cure gastrointestinal discomfort after drinking, facial redness. This is because the celery is rich in b vitamins, can break down alcohol.


81, yogurt treat irritable after drinking. Yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, slow down alcohol absorption, calciumrich, particularly effective for alleviating irritable after drinking.


82, banana treat drinking and heart palpitations, tightness in the chest. Drink and eat 1-3 banana, can increase blood sugar levels, reduced the proportion of alcohol in the blood and reach the goal hangover. Meanwhile, it can alleviate symptoms of palpitations, eliminate the chest is depressed.


83, olive treatment of drinking and anorexia. Olives have been sober, of clearance stomach hot, promote appetite medicine, which can be eaten directly or add rock sugar stew served.


84, eat supper, stomach, stomach without a rest.


85, walking four to five times a week, every 30-40 minutes, very good for the body, there is regular activity contributes to good health, also has a slimming effect.


86, less of the elevator and take the stairs. Climbing the stairs is a very good form ofexercise, good for cardiovascular and leg muscles can be improved. In addition, theabdominal muscles will be exercise.


87, every morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of warm water and stool anddischarge toxins from the urine.


88, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and bananas, apples, Kiwi fruit contains large amounts of vitamin c, fish, turtles can increase the skin‘s elasticity and moisture, has good static features.


89, the primary method of hearing protection, in addition to avoid heavy metal sound of impact, but also need to reduce the use of headset when the family started anoisy household appliances, best away from the JI.


90, watermelon juice promotes skin absorbs moisture, vegetative whitening.


91, while sore: eat pears can cure mouth sores and sore throat; gargle with vinegar and add the same amount of water, can ease the pain.


At 92, mouth blisters: entrance cut a few slices of ginger chew, blisters can be slowlyeliminated.


93, even simple movement is also good for bones, avoid overweight, excessive weight can constitute a accumulated damage to joints.


94, to maintain normal body weight, diet, meals should be seven or eight full, eat less of high oil, high sugar, high fat and highcholesterol foods.


95, meditation relieves body tension, heart disease, arthritis and other diseases.


96, put a piece of peppermint candy in the hot milk, helps blood circulation and spirits focused.


97, laughing can lead the body more than more than 80 pieces of muscle activity, and to release happy hormones. Laugh a minute the effect is equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation exercise to eliminate fatigue.


98, from time to time, fingers together and rub both hands until Palms fever. Palm of the meridians are stimulated, fatigue elimination, refreshed and focused to work.


99, maintain your weight, but overweight.


100, winter-proof body itching, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin a, such as lean meats, liver, carrots, spinach, and bean products, bath temperature should not betoo high