Shrimp and foods rich in vitamin c grams

Shrimp and foods rich in vitamin c grams
Vitamin C is the enol structure of matter. Shrimp contained arsenic is pentavalent arsenic encountered in vitamin C, it will be reduced to trivalent arsenic, pentavalent arsenic toxic trivalent arsenic that is arsenic, a highly toxic. So not with tomato shrimp and other foods rich in vitamin C with fried vegetables.
Shrimp and jujube phase g
With food poisoning
Shrimp with soy grams
The same food indigestion
Crab and pear with g
There are “pear persimmon not with the crab with the food,” saying the “drink meal”. Sweet and sour pear cold, “doctors do not record” record. Lee pear, eat the expense of others, so vulgar that the fast fruit. “Meanwhile, in the private sector have eaten pear drinking water, can cause diarrhea, said. Since the pear cold, cold season Lee also crab, both with the food, hurt human stomach.
Crab and eggplant with g
Eggplant Ganhan, “Compendium of Materia Medica” record: “Lee cold eggplant, eat lower abdominal pain will benefit.” The crab also is a cold cold of sexual interest, so eggplant and crab with food, easily hurt the stomach.
Crabs and peanut phase g
Judging from food herbs, peanuts and sweet flat, and the fat content of up to 45 percent, greasy thing cold thing Lee can easily lead to diarrhea, so crab and peanuts should not be eating at the same time, for stomach weak people, more should pay more attention.
Crabs and cold phase g
Cold finger summer cold as ice. Popsicles, ice cream, cold things, easy to make the stomach temperature decreases, and the crab with the food will cause diarrhea. So should not drink ice water after eating crab, or eat popsicles and other cold foods.
Crab and loach phase g
“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Loach gamping non-toxic, can be warm in the Qi, Treatment of Diabetes drinking water,” Yang thing can not afford “Thus Loach medicinal warming, while bees sacrifice profits cold, functions just the opposite, So both should eat the same. In addition, in terms of biochemical reactions, is not conducive to the human body.
Crab and pomegranate phase g
As bee crab and pomegranate contain more tannic acid while eating, not only will reduce the nutritional value of protein, but also to bee crab calcium and tannin combined into a new non-digestible substances to stimulate the stomach, abdominal pain , nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Therefore, crab and other seafood pomegranate not with food while eating.
Crab and melon with g
That cantaloupe melon, sweet Haner sliding profits, can remove heat catharsis. And crab with food, detrimental to the stomach, prone to cause diarrhea.
Crab and sweet potatoes with g
With food easily in vivo cemented persimmon stone.
Crab and celery with g
With food will affect the absorption of protein

The carp

Carp and pickles phase g

Meat and fish belong to high-protein foods, pickles in the curing process, part of its nitrogenous substances into nitrite, pickles together when cooking fish, fish protein amine and nitrite compounds as nitrosamines, It is a carcinogen, can cause gastrointestinal sores, so fish and pickles should not with food.

Carp and red bean with g
Chixiaodou Gly salty cold, edema and diuresis function, antipyretic drugs scattered bad blood, while carp can also benefit water swelling, both cook, diuresis stronger. Although diet carp red bean soup can cure nephritis edema, the Department for the patients, normal people can not take.
Carp and red bean leaf with g
“Golden Chamber” said: “Carp adzuki beans can not be eaten together.” That adzuki beans leaves, when Roo lazy edible leaves. Li said: “Roo diuresis, and beans stop urinating, sweating with ephedra and root antiperspirant, meaning the same, the different physical so.” Carp can benefit water swelling, while the opposite beans and carp raising function. So, should fit grams.
Carp and liver relative to g
With food will affect digestion
Carp and licorice with g
With food poisoning
Carp and pumpkin with g
With food easy to poisoning, you can use black beans, licorice detoxification.


Duck and turtle with g “Drink meal,” he said: “can not duck and turtle with the food.” YiSheng Sun Ssu said:. “Turtle meat can not and pigs, rabbit, duck with food, loss of people,” Li explained in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” in that turtle meat gamping non-toxic, non-toxic gamping turtle, turtle Xianping. “Turtle sex cold, hair lotions disease”, but also duck is cool, so not duck and turtle meat with the food. Food is a long yang yang. Edema diarrhea. Duck eggs and mulberry grams The same food can cause stomach pain. Horse and fungus phase g With the food easy to get cholera Donkey and lily mushroom grams The same food can cause heartburn, severe fatal. Snake and radish phase g With food poisoning