Dog meat

The dog and the grams of carp
Carp smell Gan Ping, Lee water. In addition to protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, there are more than a dozen kinds of free amino acids and tissue protein fermentation, with dog meat with food, the biochemical reaction of the two is very complicated. Not only two different nutritional functions, may be detrimental to the human body of the material. Not eating, but not with the cooking.
The dog and the grams of tea
Dog meat is rich in protein, while the tea is more difficult to acid, such as eating dog immediately after drinking tea. Will make tea in the phosphoric acid and dog meat in the protein binding to the protein. This material has the role of convergence, can weaken the intestinal peristalsis, produce constipation, the metabolism of toxic substances and carcinogens in the intestinal absorption, is not conducive to health. So, eat dog meat after bogey tea.
Dog and grams of garlic
Garlic Juyou Xin small poison, Wen Zhong, gas, sterilization, elimination valley. Fresh garlic, garlic amino acid, is a sulfur-containing amino acid, the garlic enzyme decomposition of allicin, bactericidal effect, wells stimulate the stomach membrane. Cause increased gastric juice, peristalsis enhanced.
Of the hot dog, garlic Xinwen is irritating, tonifying the dog meat, garlic smoked fierce, with food to help the fire, easy to harm, especially the fiery Yang Sheng quality of people should not eat. Li Shizhen in (compendium of Materia Medica) have “dog meat with garlic food and unhelpful” records, Hong Kong (China Li Min fork attached (grams of food poisoning graphic) also clearly pointed out grams of vinegar and garlic.
Dog meat and Jiang Xiangke
With the food will abdominal pain.
The dog with cinnabar and grams of carp
Same food will get angry.
Dog and dog kidney grams
May cause diarrhea, can use the chicken excrement treatment.
Dog and grams of mung bean
The same food will burst belly, eat spinach can cure three two.
Dog and loach grams
Acid salty warm, Yin Huo Sheng were cut out.


20140310155754-1165343721Rabbit and orange G
Orange is a nutrient rich fruit, fruit juice, sugar, fructose, sucrose, apple
Acid, citric acid, citric acid, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, which taste
Sweet and sour and temperature, eat more heat. Free acid cold meat, fresh meat, not immediately eat oranges. At the same time, eat more
Can cause gastrointestinal disorders, leading to diarrhea.
Grams of rabbit meat and mustard
Chinese medicine, mustard and temperature, can be warm Tongzhiliqiao, Tong Lung phlegm, diaphragmatic appetizer. With mustard and mustard oil
Zi Dai mustard, mustard, mustard, acid alkali enzyme. Its flavor can stimulate the skin, the point of the film, the expansion of capillary blood
Tube, a large amount of food can make blood volume and heart rate decreased. Rabbit acid cold cold, and mustard pearl should not be opposite
With the food, after crushing mustard used as a condiment, cooked meat can not be free.
Rabbit meat and egg grams
Rabbit of sweet shabby cold, egg gamping slightly cold. The two each has some biological active substances, if the same with fried food, it is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract of the material and cause diarrhea, so it should not be the same.
Rabbit and Jiang Xiangke
Spicy hot. The two is the opposite, and with the food, prone to cause diarrhea and vomiting.
Grams of rabbit meat and celery
With the food will hair loss



Egg and Soybean Milk grams
People often eat egg and Soybean Milk, are rich in protein nutrition. From a scientific point of view, both at the same time consumption, will reduce their nutritional value. Because the raw milk contains protein
Enzyme inhibitor, which can inhibit the activity of human protease, affecting the protein in the human body digestion and absorption
Collect. Egg egg white contains sticky protein, which can be the same with the trypsin in soy milk, so that protein
The quality of the decomposition is hindered by reducing the body’s absorption of proteins. So, Soybean Milk with egg or eggs
Food, to a period of time to eat, not the same.
Grams of soy milk and egg
With the food will abdominal pain
Egg and anti-inflammatory tablets under restraint
The same food poisoning, you can eat 15 grams of tung oil
Meat and fish grams
Cancer patients should not be the same food




Mutton and miso grams
Department of cooked beans miso fermentation brine is made, including protein, fat, carbohydrate. Living
Peptide, amino acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements, the salty taste of cold, can remove toxic heat. While the lamb hot hot, two
The function of the opposite, so should not be the same food. As the saying goes: “the pig does not eat the United States, sheep do not eat the sauce” (“eat” that is accompanied by food
There is some truth in this.
Lamb and cheese grams
Cheese is made of raw milk by lactic acid fermentation or by adding enzyme to make it solidify and remove whey made of food. Its nutritional value is high, and easy to digest. There are a lot of cheese, and its composition varies from species to species. In general, the main ingredients are protein, fat, lactose, rich vitamin and a small amount of inorganic salt. Cheese Mei Gan acid cold and hot lamb and cheese containing enzymes, lamb encountered may have an adverse reaction, so should not be eating on the same.
Mutton and grams of vinegar
Contains protein, sugar, vitamins, acetic acid and vinegar in a variety of organic acids (such as lactic acid, citric acid, amber acid. Grape acid. Malic acid, etc.). Aspergillus niger in the secretion of protease, the protein in the raw materials into a variety of amino acids. The acid can be xiaozhonghuoxue, tweezers, sterilization detoxification; medicinal food and wine. So, vinegar fish flavor, with good food such as crabs should be walled with, and mutton hot, so not with vinegar.
Mutton and noodles grams
The same food can cause poisoning, can be used to water treatment.
Mutton and Pinellia G
Absorption of nutrients in the same diet.
In sheep red G
Will cause the same food poisoning, you can use chicken droppings white detoxification.
Grams of mutton and bamboo shoots
With food will cause poisoning




Grams of chicken and carp
With chicken, carp ganping. Chicken Buzhong Yang, water gas carp, taste but not anti multiplication function. Fish are rich in protein, trace elements. A variety of enzymes and bioactive substances; chicken ingredients is also very complex. See chicken fish can not be with the food that is often not the same in ancient books, mainly with fry cook. The life of eating habits is also a rare phenomenon with cooking chicken fish.
Grams of chicken with mustard
Mustard, is a hot thing, chicken is the warm food, both of the food, the fear of fire, not conducive to health.
Chicken with garlic grams
Garlic, the main toxic drugs, gas consumption Valley, in addition to the wind, antivirus. The ancients said: “the garlic is a fire, the nature of the scattered.” While the chicken Gan acid warming, the two functions are accompanied by, and the garlic gas smoked, from the point of view of the seasoning, but also with chicken. “Classical” chicken “Jinkui yaolue decomposable rocambole food, Qi” records of chicken and chrysanthemum grams will be the same food poisoning.
Chicken with chrysanthemum grams
With food and poison
Chicken in grams of glutinous rice
With food will cause physical discomfort
Grams of chicken and dog kidney
May cause diarrhea, detoxification can use white droppings.
Chicken with sesame grams
The same diet can lead to death, and can be used to solve the decoction of licorice.




“Ingredients” milk provides complete protein foods, 40% for cheese protein, then whey protein. The latter proportion equivalent to the sulphur content of egg; lactose content is 5%, cream with vitamin a, vitamin d more. Also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, Pantothenic acid, vitamin c, vitamin p. In essential amino acids, methionine and lysine are particularly rich in milk, they lack the plant.

“Taste” emblem of the cold, sweet natured, nontoxic.
“Meridian” capable of lung, stomach b.
“Efficacy” with Yifei moisturizing, detoxification, Qi Jianwei, laxative, liver and lowering the adverse, effect of zhixuan nodules. Attending nausea twittering, dry feces, postpartum isolation weakness, the virtual diabetes, pain, stomach and duodenal stains bleeding, insomnia and other disorders.

Milk – orange juice

Mix milk and orange juice, can provide the body with rich nutrients and refreshing, the anti-cancer effect.

So, orange juice and milk should be eaten together.

Milk – papaya

Vitamin a content in papaya fruit more fruits if you add milk to make papaya milk, it is high in vitamin a-rich and refreshing drinks. Therefore, the milk should be paired with papaya to eat.

Milk – jujube

Milk with a date, made into gruel, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and vitamins, blood, spleen appetizer.

Therefore, the milk should be eaten with dates.


See the “honey and milk”.
Milk – tea

Milk served with tea, milk tea. Milk tea can be greasy, aid digestion, lean thinking, refreshing, diuretic detoxification, elimination of fatigue, also suitable for acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis and inch spot of duodenum cancer patients to drink. Alcohol and drug intoxication, it also plays a detoxifying role. Therefore, the milk should be eaten with tea.

Milk-the walnuts, sugar
Milk mix with walnuts, sugar consumption, tonifying the spleen and kidney, moisten with Yifei, for coughs, filling posts, low back pain and bowel disease such as dryness, constipation, and act as weak after the illness, neurasthenia, chronic bronchitis, sexual dysfunction, constipation in patients with meals.
So, with walnuts, sugar and milk should be consumed.

Main ingredients and nutrients of drinks


Coffee [ingredients] coffee is the main ingredient of caffeine (about 1% – 2%) of the addition of protein, fat, carbohydrates, inorganic salts and vitamins and other nutrients.
[sexual] warm, sweet.
[effect] has a strong heart diuresis, refreshing effect, make people excited. Can treat sleepiness, fatigue, alcohol, alcohol, and emphysema, etc..
Coffee – brown rice, milk
The brown rice steamed crushed into powder, add milk, edible Coffee. Brown rice is rich in nutrition, has a good effect on the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, hypertension etc.. Coffee is very nutritious, but also refreshing, with brown rice, taste better.
So, coffee and brown rice, milk collocation.
Coffee – Chinese wolfberry
Coffee with medlar, long-term drinking with lowering blood pressure, anti – aging, beauty beauty, promote physical and mental health, improve people’s quality of life, the best drinks. Perfect combination of wolfberry fruit and coffee, mellow, delicious and nutritious; both traditional coffee refreshing garden brain, radiate the spirit of the role, and structure the nominal blood Qi, beauty hepatoprotective effect.
Therefore, coffee should be consumed with Chinese wolfberry.

Collocation snail and other dishes


[ingredients] snail protein (10.7%), fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Vitamin D, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.
[sexual] sweet and salty, cold, non-toxic.
[to be] able to enter the kidney, bladder, intestine, stomach four.
[effect] has the function of clearing heat and water. Indications of dysuria, jaundice genah. Beriberi, edema, diabetes. Hemorrhoids, hematochezia, swollen, furuncle disease.
Snail — Chinese wolfberry, Chinese Cabbage
Snail and wolfberry, Chinese cabbage collocation, nourishing liver and kidney, clearing heat and detoxification. Can be used for acute jaundice hepatitis patients with kidney disease.
So, to eat together with snail wolfberry, Chinese cabbage.
Snail — Wine
Snail and wine pairing, dehumidifying detoxification, heat diuresis effect, haemorrhoid, prolapse of the anus, uterine prolapse, gastric acid too much disease have certain curative effect.
So, the snail to eat together with Wine.