Grams of beef and chestnuts

Beef with an Qi, fill the stomach, neck and foot Zhuang; chestnut sweet salty warm Qi, thick intestinal field, kidney qi. There is no contradiction between the two from the food drug resistance; from the nutritional ingredients, chestnut in addition to protein, sugar, starch, fat, rich in vitamin C, every 100 grams of up to 40 mg. In addition, rich in carotene, B vitamins and lipase. Vitamin C in chestnut is easy to react with trace elements in beef, weaken the nutritional value of chestnut. Moreover, the two is not easy to digest, and not suitable for stewed or fried. In China’s ancient books (meal was about to drink) have “not beef and chestnuts with food” records. At the same time, some people also found that beef and chestnuts with eating will cause vomiting.
Beef with brown sugar grams
The same food will cause abdominal distension.
Grams of beef and olive
With food will cause physical discomfort.
Bovine liver and foods rich in vitamin C grams
Vitamin C is a kind of hexose derivatives, with strong reducibility, easily oxidized and lose physiological activity. Especially in the presence of trace metal ions such as copper ion, iron ion, and so on, it is easy to be oxidized and decomposed. And cattle liver, containing key, iron rich, so the oxidation of vitamin C to the oxidation of and the loss of the original function, so the cow liver is not suitable for food with vitamin C.

Pork and tomato, pepper grams

TomatoPepperPork fried or soup with tomato, pepper, for soybeans and other vegetables rich in vitamin C. Vitamins are easily damaged when heated by light, and they are more stable in acidic solution (PH<4), in which the neutral and alkaline are not stable. Special in trace metal Gang Zi (such as the presence of Li ions, iron ions, etc.) are more likely to be shies decomposition, even trace amounts of copper ions can also make vitamin C oxidation speed 1000 times. Liver in copper, iron rich, per 100 grams of liver extract containing copper 2.5 grams, 25 mg of iron, vitamin C oxidation to dehydroascorbic acid and lose the original function.
Liver and cauliflower grams
Fried pork livers not with cauliflower. Cauliflower contain large amounts of cellulose and fiber aldose acid residues and in the liver of pig iron, mace, zinc and other trace elements attached to form chelate and reduce the body’s absorption of these elements.
Liver and grams of Buckwheat
With food will affect digestion.
Pig and bird meat grams
With the food will digest.
Pork and bean sprouts grams
The copper in pork liver will accelerate the oxidation of vitamin C in bean sprout, rise to its nutritional value,
The liver and bird meat grams
Can cause poisoning, can be treated with mung bean.
Pig blood and grams of Polygonum multiflorum
Will cause physical discomfort

Octopus all kinds of food law and the role of


Ingredients per 100 g grass carp contains 473 kilojoules of energy, protein 16.6 g, fat 5.2 g, Vit B, 0.04 mg of vitamin B, 0.11 mg, 2.8 mg of niacin, vitamin cable E2. 03 mg calcium 38 mg, 203 mg of phosphorus, potassium and 312 mg, 46.0 mg sodium, 31 mg of magnesium, iron 0.8 mg, 0.87 mg of zinc, selenium, 6.66 mg, 0.05 mg copper, manganese 0.05 mg.
[Taste] grass fish and warm, sweet. 1 1 has a stomach and in effect, Liver and expelling wind, detoxification heat, eyesight buck effect. Indications Bianzheng, Consumption, wind virtual headache, throat identified, Hougu terrier, hypertension, Akame embolism.
Octopus – trotters
Trotters contain large amounts of collagen protein, we have moist skin, body effect. Octopus and trotters with BNI enhance functionality.
Therefore, the octopus should be eaten with the trotters.

Octopus – partridge, Polygonatum
Octopus sweet salty cold, nourishing Qi effect. “Quanzhou Materia Medica” that the “BNI, convergence myogenic.
Indications qi, epilepsy gangrene swollen poison, long blisters stains rotten. “Partridge benefit the heart qi, five internal organs effect. Yuzhu have Yin dryness, Sheng Jin analgesic effect. Three with the same use, the energy Qi and blood , spleen appetizer, suitable for qi and spleen dysfunction field of human consumption.
So, should octopus and partridge, Yuzhu eat together.
Octopus – lotus root, jujube
Octopus and lotus root, red dates with, complement rather than dry, moist but not greasy, fragrant and delicious, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing bone health, nourishing the skin.
Therefore, the octopus should and lotus root, jujube eat together.

Having a therapeutic effect on cancer food


A recent study in Germany found that garlic for malignant cells in terms of a “poison” that can play with the same chemotherapy drugs to kill cancer cells. It can also be used as an immune response modifier, to Qiu was now commonly used in cancer Interleukin as stimulating the body’s normal immune response against the tumor. In vitro laboratory tests, garlic can activate Hao giant cells, T lymphocytes, thereby enhancing the immune activity, to kill cancer cells. Garlic can also serve as a natural “antibiotic”, including killing such as H. pylori, including a variety of fine seedlings, and these bacteria are considered closely related to the incidence of colon and stomach cancer 1 although some mechanisms in humans also need further confirmed, but Pat enough for us to see hope.

Carotene is another therapeutic effects of food components, it can also stimulate the body’s normal immune response to kill cancer cells, can also inhibit malignant squamous cell lung cancer cell proliferation zo inhibit tumor cells release free group of destructive power. P- carotene is converted by the human metabolism into play more than a resin-like effect of the acid, which has been widely used in the United States, scientists have synthesized the treatment of hematologic malignancies and bladder cancer chemotherapy, and has made great success.

   Wheat and cabbage can also be used to treat cancer. Known high estrogen levels leading to an important reason for women suffering from breast cancer, and the effect of estrogen against the equally important after breast cancer has been formed, it has already started in many countries as one of the principles of treatment of breast cancer. Wheat (especially unprocessed whole wheat) and Beijing cabbage there promoting estrogen metabolic breakdown, thereby reducing the effect of estrogen levels scribe, so breast cancer patients to eat these foods is undoubtedly useful.

Fish, especially fatty fish which inhibit cancer metastasis. According to a Harvard study confirmed that fish fat can decrease breast cancer metastasis to other swollen collapse seems effective. Fish fat may be attached by blocking cancer metastasis after so it can not survive in non-primary place and to achieve the above effects. Therefore, doctors often refer patients especially those suffering from breast cancer Deng, to more fish!

   Other effects may also have cancer foods include licorice, mushrooms and sour cream, etc., for further study.

   One thing should be noted that, although the food there is this or that role in the treatment of cancer, but it can only be used as a supplementary means never replace drugs or surgery.

A correct understanding of the health food

“Melatonin”, “gold partner” “Lily International” avalanche of advertising to let you meet too busy, then that is the blind pursuit of social trends, “the holidays this year, not gifts, gifts received only melatonin,” too much advertising, virtually induce people. The rise which shares health food hot, purchase and consumption of health food more and more people. But most people’s understanding of health food, the choice has an error or imperfect understanding.
First, health care is not primarily pharmaceuticals, energy conditioning physiological function, but little effect on the treatment of disease. It can be used for adjuvant therapy. National has 27 kinds of functional health food provisions, including: immune regulation, regulation of blood lipids, regulate blood sugar, anti-aging, improve memory, improve vision, and promote Excretion, Qingyan Lihou, regulating blood pressure, improve sleep, promote lactation, anti- mutation, anti-fatigue, hypoxia, radiation, diet, promote growth and development, improve osteoporosis, improve nutritional anemia, chemical liver injury secondary protection, beauty, improve gastrointestinal function.
Meanwhile, in the health food package labels can not contain or imply a therapeutic effect, any more than the above-mentioned 22 kinds of health function range of propaganda is illegal.


Second, pay attention to signs and lot number. Ministry of Health approved health food pre-packaged food containers health food mark (food labeling) due to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health approved the text of the provisions of food. Domestic health food is: Wei Jian fresh word No., or the fresh-word resolution, imported health food: Wei Jian Zi No. eating.
Third, in addition to health food and general food labeling should be the production date, shelf life, it must also indicate the appropriate people, Dosage and method.
Fourth, health care products can not replace medicine. A new drug to market, there must be a large number of clinical trials, and review and approval by the State Food and Drug Administration; health care does not require treatment effect, no clinically proven, just test contaminants, bacteria and other health indicators, Eligible can be marketed.

Fifth, the rational choice of health care products. Each health care has appropriate people, the purchase should be based on individual differences, carefully chosen, not according to the custom of gift giving, random selection, only expensive, do not buy right.

Healthy food collocation method

Even the simplest Breakfast not only a food, so food can not be ignored mix. With scientifically make more comprehensive nutrition, taste more delicious, more conducive to health (health food). The following “best partner” have this effect.


    Tofu – Tofu Fish and fish are high in protein (protein supplement products, protein supplements information) food, but contains protein (protein food) (protein products, protein information) and amino acids (amino acid food) (amino acid products, amino acids WIRE) Composition Reasonable enough. Lack of protein such as tofu methionine and lysine, fish protein is the lack of phenylalanine, nutritionists called incomplete proteins. If two kinds of food to eat, they can complement each other, so that the protein composition more reasonable. Two kinds of food proteins have become a complete protein, improving utilization value.

    Tofu – seaweed tofu nutritious, containing saponin ingredients, can inhibit the absorption of fat, promote fat decomposition, prevent atherosclerosis peroxisome generation. However, saponin will cause a lack of iodine in the body, and kelp is rich in essential iodine. Both with the food, they can complement each other, help digestion (digested food) and absorption.

Tofu – Tofu belongs to vegetable protein radish, if eating can cause indigestion. If and radish with food, this disadvantage can be eliminated. Because radish helps digestion (digestive aid products to help digest information) of power, tofu nutrients can be absorbed by a large number of people without causing bloating, diarrhea and other discomfort.

     Tofu – both tomato tomatoes vegetable, delicious taste. Tomatoes not only rich in vitamins (vitamin food) (vitamins, vitamin information) and organic acids, but also contains a lot of minerals, accounting for 0.6% of the total weight, in which calcium (calcium foods) (calcium products, Calcium information), phosphorus, zinc (zinc products, zinc IT), iron (Fe food) (iron products, iron Wire) as much, as well as manganese, copper, iodine and other important trace elements (Trace Elements in Food ) (product of trace elements, trace information). Tomatoes contain trace amounts of mineral elements with richer tofu, will meet the human needs of the various trace elements maximum. In addition, thirst, stomach (/ stomach and products) digestion and Qi and tomatoes, raw fluid, heat and toxic tofu with food, its warming stomach, thirst, Qi and efficacy also It will increase.

Food affect intelligence


The new pioneering research has shown that what you eat and decide whether you have the energy keen, you
Memory and concentration is good or bad, whether depression, anxiety, whether aggressive brain is abnormal in
And you susceptible to certain psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. These two things – sugar
The new pioneering research has shown that what you eat and decide whether you have the energy keen, you
Memory and concentration is good or bad, whether depression, anxiety, whether aggressive brain is abnormal in
And you susceptible to certain psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. These two things – sugar
, Protein, fat and caffeine, for your emotional and mental vitality of a deep, almost immediately
According to the latest research, even a slight lack of certain nutrients for a long time, but also make your big
EEG and dysfunction. This conclusion allows researchers in the field somewhat surprising since previous
Studies suggest that the brain is not affected by the continuous changes in these minor incidents from the. More fortunate
Yes, you can be relatively easily through dietary modification brain wave back to normal.

According to pioneering research of researchers, the secret is that many can transmit information in the brain cells
Chemicals, namely neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are nerve cells use • Some are called precursors
Special food ingredients as synthetic raw materials. Food helps to produce a variety of different functions
Neurotransmitters, neurotransmitter synthesis depends on the type of food offered by the various food ingredients. For instance,
Tryptophan is an amino acid in the protein foods that can be used by the synthesis of 5-HT. 5- by HT
Is a sedative compound, make people become slack, sleepy, the mind is unclear; methionine, is a
Amino acids, can generate dopamine and norepinephrine cable and neurotransmitters, the brain energetic people
Become more sensitive, to think and respond more rapidly, and more focused, more energy.

Because the brain is extremely complex chemical process, so eat some more food containing a particular amino acid
It does not mean that it can be sent directly to the brain. Amino acids, due to the relative molecular mass size does not
Same, the concentration of the blood is different, and only by the party struggles to enter the brain. When you drink a methionine-containing bovine olfactory
When milk, other amino acids in milk greater amount of methionine can be squeezed out from the brain, so big
Methionine levels in the brain is not declined. On the other hand, does not contain methionine eat some high-carbohydrate foods,
Can actually increase brain levels of methionine, produce more serotonin 5-by, people tend to town

However, not all scientists agree with this interpretation of the complex mechanisms of brain chemistry. But big
Family agreed that; normal consumption of high-carbohydrate foods can reduce the activity of the brain; proteinaceous food makeup
It can offset the carbohydrate-induced mental retardation. But there are exceptions: such as PMS patients, seasonal
After see disorder patients and nicotine smokers quit, because some unknown reason, the consumption of carbohydrates but can
These human brain becomes excited.

   When you want to keep the mind sharp, do not eat candy, cake, donuts, ice cream, sorbet or
Light, sugary cereals and dried pasta (without meat, milk or other protein foods). To
Remain highly sensitive, it should eat foods rich in protein. Good food should be low in fat sea
Product, turkey breast, skim milk, low-fat yogurt and lean beef. Fat is also an inhibitor, because
It takes longer to digest, can become dull brain. Other foods such as green vegetables can be spread
It is relatively neutral, neither stimulating nor inhibiting brain activity.


Psychology professor at Chicago Medical School, the food was emotional for the forest researcher Bonnie Adams said rich
Protein foods will not make the brain energetic or people smarter. She believes that protein is only to prevent
Carbohydrates make people’s brain becomes blurred, it goes to show that eating a small amount of protein can prevent large sugar
The role of the brain caused by blunt. You did not need to eat a lot of strong white matter deliberately to eliminate the role of carbohydrates. Springfield Education
Award, said studies have shown that a meal containing 5 -10 afraid afraid to help prevent brain proteins namely 5- by
Color limb accumulation. The 5- through serotonin, a lot of people think that can promote sleep, which is what makes the sleepy sugar
Sleepy, the mind is unclear reasons. Therefore, experts suggest, pasta in a small amount of meat or cheese sandwich, cake with
Together milk, bread roll with tuna, the effect will be better.

To maintain a high degree of sensitivity, in particular, should avoid eating pure sugar, such as hard candy, caramels, gum,
Dark chocolate, candy, all of the above foods containing little or no protein.

Reasonable diet


 Food can relieve tension and anxiety

Feel nervous, irritable, pressure, anxiety is a natural thing, everyone can happen at any time,
But for many into, the anxiety may be chronic and more serious, not only can lead to fear low
Not confident, and heart into the balcony had caused sudden discomfort, sweating and shaking Zhen. Intense, sustained focus groups abuse
To lead to a terrible sense of panic and feeling of impotence.

You can ease the tension, anxiety states of these through food, certain foods and beverages can serve as a
Sedatives or anxiety initiator, the brain calm or excited.


Amine-containing foods easily lead to headaches

Amine-containing foods can easily cause brain disorders. Ancient Greek philosopher Plymouth Pyrenees declared nitrile, fresh
The dates can cause headaches, and now we already started identifying molecular structure dates protein amine groups. Amine
Substances already known to be caused headaches substances such as chocolate, is the cyclical traditionally had migraine
Substance containing phenylethylamine; another common headache induced food citrus, then containing octylamine. But the lure
Send periodic headaches most serious potato name is tyramine. Tyramine in food widespread, but the content of each
Not the same, including alcoholic beverages (especially red wine), daily food (aging and hard cheese, sour cow
Milk, yogurt), fermentation products (some bread and fresh cakes), fruits (dates, figs, grapes
Dried), nuts and pickles. Interestingly, a subject not eat alone pure tyramine can cause head
Pain, which proves there must be combined with other incentives to induce headaches.


Anti-cancer dietary recommendations


Would you cancer can have large root relationship with the daily diet. As usual attention to eating new King
Fresh food, reasonable diet, and pay attention to the word of cooking methods, it can greatly reduce the incidence of cancer
(1) Do not buy cheaper Andean group or rotten vegetables and fruits.

(2) pickles, a meat and other foods contain carcinogens nitrite, should eat as well.
(3) to make rice, porridge put meters before washing clean to reduce mildew damage to the body.
(4) moldy rice, flour, peanuts and other foods contain carcinogenic aflatoxin cable, once made concept should be abandoned
The eat.
(5) smoked fish, meat, sausage and other foods containing carcinogenic tar cigarettes, should not eat or eat less
As well.
(Often fried food fried kitchen will increase pollution Division, makes easy to get lung cancer.
(Xi vat of water in the secondary should be updated every 2-3 days, do not always retained root, because deposit account in
Bottom sediments in the street can fine water reduction of nitrate to nitrite political cancer was salt.
(8) Eat more foods rich in fiber cable, such as celery, leeks, fresh dates, sweet potato and so on.
(9) Do not eat meat too much. Because meat contains fat umbilical highest, you can eat more fish, shrimp to meet the body
The demand for protein.
(10) Do not put too much cooking oil.


Food effect immunity

Nothing will be as powerful as the immune system affects your body, it can be you
 From a variety of diseases, infections caused by minor to more severe localized cancer salvaged. Your genes
 Composition can indeed affect immune function, and the environment due to cable and vice versa, the more important is your drink
 Eat a. Only recently, scientists have begun to study and initially kei opened immune system complex and
 Interesting veil, found to have a certain dependence on food. It has become increasingly clear understanding
 The food can control the body’s immune system. New research shows that contain vitamin Beijing, minerals
 And other specific food compounds can be widely stimulate immune function, enhance bacterial, viral infection
 Resistance, improve their ability to inhibit tumor cell growth.20150808221138