Food practical health Onion and dog grams

Food practical health Onion and dog grams

Of the hot dog, to help Yang flare up, onion, pungent divergence, Tongzhiliqiao Tong Yang, with food, a total increase of fiery, epistaxis symptoms should be paid attention to food practical health.
Grams of onion and jujube
“Records:” Daming wood grass “jujube and green onions with food is not five.” This is because jujube medicinal food Ganxin and heat, the ancients called “food is hot and thirsty expansion, viscera, damages the spleen yuan to help warm”. While the onion and the heat to help the fire, so the two should not be the same food.
Grams of onion and tofu
The building contains a lot of oxalic acid, calcium and green onions in the formation of a white precipitate oxalate, calcium oxalate, which caused the difficulty of calcium absorption. Calcium is essential for the human body, such as the long-term human caused by the absorption of calcium difficulty, coupled with the lack of food, responsibility will lead to the lack of calcium in the human body.
Grams of garlic and honey
Garlic Xinwen small poison, hot, it contains allicin and onions are similar, its nature and honey on the contrary, the ancients Wu in the golden mirror of medicine, said: “garlic impossible is eroded. If the common food is good.” So the garlic is not suitable to eat with honey.
Garlic and onion grams
Same food will hurt the stomach.
Grams of garlic and Rehmannia
The same food will affect the absorption of nutrients.
Grams of garlic and Polygonum multiflorum
With the food will cause diarrhea.

Food practical health cucumber

Food practical health cucumber

Food practical health cucumber

Cucumber and citrus phase g
Citrus also contain vitamin C, per 100 grams contains about 25 milligrams, a Western salad, cucumber is also supported, so that the color is gorgeous, but orange in Victoria raw C cucumber enzymes are mostly destroyed.
Cucumbers and tomatoes with g
Each contains about 100 grams of tomatoes vitamin C 20 -33 mg, for the protection of one of the vitamin C, also not with the cucumber with food or fry. Due to the decomposition of cucumber enzyme tomatoes in vitamin C may be destroyed.
Cucumbers and peppers phase g
Vitamin C content of peppers rich, per 100 grams contains about 185 mg. Cucumber contains vitamin C decomposition circle, cucumber raw food without losing the activity of this enzyme, both with the food, the hot pepper in vitamin C is destroyed Miranda, reducing the nutritional value.
Cucumber and cauliflower with g
Cauliflower vitamin C content Yijiao rich times. Per 100 grams contains about 88 mg, if the cucumber with the food, cauliflower vitamin C will be cucumber vitamin C enzyme damage, it is not appropriate with fried or eat.
Spinach Vitamin C content per 100 grams contains 90 milligrams per 100 grams of cabbage contains 60 mg, are not with the cucumber with food or reduce the nutritional value.

Celery and cucumber with g

Cucumber contains vitamin C enzyme, since cucumbers for food, mostly raw food or salad, wherein the enzyme is not inactivated, if and celery with food, celery vitamin C will be divided destroyed, thus greatly reducing the nutritional value. Celery and clams, clams, clam, crab phase g Clams, clam, clam, crab and other body are vitamin B, enzymes, enzyme heated though will fail. But people in the consumption of seafood, like raw, scalded with boiling water or only one hot. These mussels body of vitamin B, decomposition was not inactivated yeast, if and celery with the food, can be one of the vitamin B, total destruction. However, this enzyme the case of acid can weaken their ability to decompose, so eating raw fish, mussels, vinegar appropriate to protect vitamin B1. Celery and turtle with g With food poisoning, available olive juice detoxification. Celery and chrysanthemum with g The same food can cause vomiting Celery and chicken phase g With food will be debilitating

River snail

Escargot and melon with g
Escargot Big Chill, cold melon Lee, and mild cathartic effect, Both is cool,
Lossy stomach with food. So after eating cantaloupe eating escargot not immediately, but not with food.
Snail and fungus phase g
Fungus of sweet peace, in addition to containing protein, than fat, vitamins, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus), also contains nutrients phospholipids, sterols, plant gum and the like. These lipids and gum, and snail some biologically active substances from adverse reactions. From food herbs, the cold snail, fungus encounter sliding profits, is not conducive to digestion, so the two should not be the same food.
Cement products and ice-phase g
Ice products can reduce the temperature of the human stomach, weakening digestive function, snail cold, after eating snails such as drinking ice water or edible ice products may cause indigestion or diarrhea, so the two can not be the same food.
Escargot and beef with g
Not easy to digest, it can cause bloating.
Snail and beans with grams
With food will be colic.
Snail and clam phase g
The same food can cause poisoning, you can use coriander treatment.
Snail and face g
The same food can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, can be treated with droppings from.
Cement and corn phase g
With food easy to poisoning, can land Whey detoxification.

Shrimp and foods rich in vitamin c grams

Shrimp and foods rich in vitamin c grams
Vitamin C is the enol structure of matter. Shrimp contained arsenic is pentavalent arsenic encountered in vitamin C, it will be reduced to trivalent arsenic, pentavalent arsenic toxic trivalent arsenic that is arsenic, a highly toxic. So not with tomato shrimp and other foods rich in vitamin C with fried vegetables.
Shrimp and jujube phase g
With food poisoning
Shrimp with soy grams
The same food indigestion
Crab and pear with g
There are “pear persimmon not with the crab with the food,” saying the “drink meal”. Sweet and sour pear cold, “doctors do not record” record. Lee pear, eat the expense of others, so vulgar that the fast fruit. “Meanwhile, in the private sector have eaten pear drinking water, can cause diarrhea, said. Since the pear cold, cold season Lee also crab, both with the food, hurt human stomach.
Crab and eggplant with g
Eggplant Ganhan, “Compendium of Materia Medica” record: “Lee cold eggplant, eat lower abdominal pain will benefit.” The crab also is a cold cold of sexual interest, so eggplant and crab with food, easily hurt the stomach.
Crabs and peanut phase g
Judging from food herbs, peanuts and sweet flat, and the fat content of up to 45 percent, greasy thing cold thing Lee can easily lead to diarrhea, so crab and peanuts should not be eating at the same time, for stomach weak people, more should pay more attention.
Crabs and cold phase g
Cold finger summer cold as ice. Popsicles, ice cream, cold things, easy to make the stomach temperature decreases, and the crab with the food will cause diarrhea. So should not drink ice water after eating crab, or eat popsicles and other cold foods.
Crab and loach phase g
“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Loach gamping non-toxic, can be warm in the Qi, Treatment of Diabetes drinking water,” Yang thing can not afford “Thus Loach medicinal warming, while bees sacrifice profits cold, functions just the opposite, So both should eat the same. In addition, in terms of biochemical reactions, is not conducive to the human body.
Crab and pomegranate phase g
As bee crab and pomegranate contain more tannic acid while eating, not only will reduce the nutritional value of protein, but also to bee crab calcium and tannin combined into a new non-digestible substances to stimulate the stomach, abdominal pain , nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Therefore, crab and other seafood pomegranate not with food while eating.
Crab and melon with g
That cantaloupe melon, sweet Haner sliding profits, can remove heat catharsis. And crab with food, detrimental to the stomach, prone to cause diarrhea.
Crab and sweet potatoes with g
With food easily in vivo cemented persimmon stone.
Crab and celery with g
With food will affect the absorption of protein

The carp

Carp and pickles phase g

Meat and fish belong to high-protein foods, pickles in the curing process, part of its nitrogenous substances into nitrite, pickles together when cooking fish, fish protein amine and nitrite compounds as nitrosamines, It is a carcinogen, can cause gastrointestinal sores, so fish and pickles should not with food.

Carp and red bean with g
Chixiaodou Gly salty cold, edema and diuresis function, antipyretic drugs scattered bad blood, while carp can also benefit water swelling, both cook, diuresis stronger. Although diet carp red bean soup can cure nephritis edema, the Department for the patients, normal people can not take.
Carp and red bean leaf with g
“Golden Chamber” said: “Carp adzuki beans can not be eaten together.” That adzuki beans leaves, when Roo lazy edible leaves. Li said: “Roo diuresis, and beans stop urinating, sweating with ephedra and root antiperspirant, meaning the same, the different physical so.” Carp can benefit water swelling, while the opposite beans and carp raising function. So, should fit grams.
Carp and liver relative to g
With food will affect digestion
Carp and licorice with g
With food poisoning
Carp and pumpkin with g
With food easy to poisoning, you can use black beans, licorice detoxification.


Duck and turtle with g “Drink meal,” he said: “can not duck and turtle with the food.” YiSheng Sun Ssu said:. “Turtle meat can not and pigs, rabbit, duck with food, loss of people,” Li explained in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” in that turtle meat gamping non-toxic, non-toxic gamping turtle, turtle Xianping. “Turtle sex cold, hair lotions disease”, but also duck is cool, so not duck and turtle meat with the food. Food is a long yang yang. Edema diarrhea. Duck eggs and mulberry grams The same food can cause stomach pain. Horse and fungus phase g With the food easy to get cholera Donkey and lily mushroom grams The same food can cause heartburn, severe fatal. Snake and radish phase g With food poisoning

Dog meat

The dog and the grams of carp
Carp smell Gan Ping, Lee water. In addition to protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, there are more than a dozen kinds of free amino acids and tissue protein fermentation, with dog meat with food, the biochemical reaction of the two is very complicated. Not only two different nutritional functions, may be detrimental to the human body of the material. Not eating, but not with the cooking.
The dog and the grams of tea
Dog meat is rich in protein, while the tea is more difficult to acid, such as eating dog immediately after drinking tea. Will make tea in the phosphoric acid and dog meat in the protein binding to the protein. This material has the role of convergence, can weaken the intestinal peristalsis, produce constipation, the metabolism of toxic substances and carcinogens in the intestinal absorption, is not conducive to health. So, eat dog meat after bogey tea.
Dog and grams of garlic
Garlic Juyou Xin small poison, Wen Zhong, gas, sterilization, elimination valley. Fresh garlic, garlic amino acid, is a sulfur-containing amino acid, the garlic enzyme decomposition of allicin, bactericidal effect, wells stimulate the stomach membrane. Cause increased gastric juice, peristalsis enhanced.
Of the hot dog, garlic Xinwen is irritating, tonifying the dog meat, garlic smoked fierce, with food to help the fire, easy to harm, especially the fiery Yang Sheng quality of people should not eat. Li Shizhen in (compendium of Materia Medica) have “dog meat with garlic food and unhelpful” records, Hong Kong (China Li Min fork attached (grams of food poisoning graphic) also clearly pointed out grams of vinegar and garlic.
Dog meat and Jiang Xiangke
With the food will abdominal pain.
The dog with cinnabar and grams of carp
Same food will get angry.
Dog and dog kidney grams
May cause diarrhea, can use the chicken excrement treatment.
Dog and grams of mung bean
The same food will burst belly, eat spinach can cure three two.
Dog and loach grams
Acid salty warm, Yin Huo Sheng were cut out.


20140310155754-1165343721Rabbit and orange G
Orange is a nutrient rich fruit, fruit juice, sugar, fructose, sucrose, apple
Acid, citric acid, citric acid, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, which taste
Sweet and sour and temperature, eat more heat. Free acid cold meat, fresh meat, not immediately eat oranges. At the same time, eat more
Can cause gastrointestinal disorders, leading to diarrhea.
Grams of rabbit meat and mustard
Chinese medicine, mustard and temperature, can be warm Tongzhiliqiao, Tong Lung phlegm, diaphragmatic appetizer. With mustard and mustard oil
Zi Dai mustard, mustard, mustard, acid alkali enzyme. Its flavor can stimulate the skin, the point of the film, the expansion of capillary blood
Tube, a large amount of food can make blood volume and heart rate decreased. Rabbit acid cold cold, and mustard pearl should not be opposite
With the food, after crushing mustard used as a condiment, cooked meat can not be free.
Rabbit meat and egg grams
Rabbit of sweet shabby cold, egg gamping slightly cold. The two each has some biological active substances, if the same with fried food, it is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract of the material and cause diarrhea, so it should not be the same.
Rabbit and Jiang Xiangke
Spicy hot. The two is the opposite, and with the food, prone to cause diarrhea and vomiting.
Grams of rabbit meat and celery
With the food will hair loss



Egg and Soybean Milk grams
People often eat egg and Soybean Milk, are rich in protein nutrition. From a scientific point of view, both at the same time consumption, will reduce their nutritional value. Because the raw milk contains protein
Enzyme inhibitor, which can inhibit the activity of human protease, affecting the protein in the human body digestion and absorption
Collect. Egg egg white contains sticky protein, which can be the same with the trypsin in soy milk, so that protein
The quality of the decomposition is hindered by reducing the body’s absorption of proteins. So, Soybean Milk with egg or eggs
Food, to a period of time to eat, not the same.
Grams of soy milk and egg
With the food will abdominal pain
Egg and anti-inflammatory tablets under restraint
The same food poisoning, you can eat 15 grams of tung oil
Meat and fish grams
Cancer patients should not be the same food